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 AURAMO History

Auramo Oy is based in Vantaa, near Helsinki, on a production site of 64,500 square feet, employing 100 persons.

AURAMO was founded in 1947 by Mr. Hannu Auramo, as an engineering agency, practising construction design and offering qualified technical supervision to Companies.
Formerly the Company devoted its activity to the manufacture of industrial cylinders, and also developed solutions for warehouse floor materials.

In the ‘60’s, forest products, a typical Finnish territory resource, and the paper industry, became a focused applications field, with the subsequent manufacturing of paper roll clamps, bale clamps and the other specialised handling attachments.

The high specialisation level in forest products handling attachments has characterised the Company, leading to its present top position.

In 1994 Auramo Oy obtained the Quality System Certificate, conforming to  ISO 9001 requirements, and in 2003  the Welding Quality Certificate EN-729-2.